Cornish Pod Cornish pasties, dressed salad (Choice of Traditional Steak or Cheese and Leek) £5.90

Vegan Cornish Pod Pasties £5.90


Ribeye steak, sauerkraut, English mustard, dressed leaves £17.50 gf*

Grilled Cornish mackerel fillets, roasted cherry tomatoes, dressed leaves, tartare sauce £12.50 gf*

Grilled halloumi, avocado and roasted garlic hummus £11.50 gf*, (v*) (vgn*)



Homemade seasonal soup, fresh sourdough bread £6.50 gf* (v) (vgn*) (see specials board for today’s choice)

Coarse pork pate, plum and tomato chutney, fresh sourdough toast £9.50 gf*

Grilled fillet of Cornish mackerel, white bean and roasted tomato salad £9.50 gf

Tacos, choice of: Cajun chicken or beer battered Cornish haddock, homemade tortillas, red cabbage slaw, chilli and tomato salsa, coriander £10.50 gf*

Whole baked Camembert, garlic and thyme, sourdough £16.50 (For two) gf*

Roasted garlic hummus and warm flat breads £7 gf (v) (vgn)

Mixed olives, fresh sourdough bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar £7 gf* (v) (vgn)   



Ribeye steak, crispy onion rings, roasted cherry tomatoes, dressed salad, proper’ triple cooked beef dripping chips, garlic butter £32 gf*

Seasonal market fish of the day MP gf* (see specials board)

Pan fried fillet of Cornish seabream, purple sprouting broccoli, roasted cherry tomatoes, Cornish new potatoes, sauce vierge £20.50 gf

Mark Gliddon Butcher’s pork sausages, mashed potatoes, onion gravy £14

Beer battered Cornish haddock, ‘proper’ triple cooked beef dripping chips £15.50 gf Add mushy peas for £2.50

Roasted cauliflower shawarma, pilau rice, warm flat bread, mint and feta yoghurt £18 gf*(v) (vgn*)

Cornish lamb shoulder shawarma, pilau rice, warm flat bread, mint and feta yoghurt £28 gf*(v) (vgn*)



Proper triple cooked beef dripping chips £4 gf (v*) (vgn*), Cheesy chips £4.75 gf (v*) (vgn*), Mushy or garden peas £2.50 gf (v) (vgn), Sourdough bread £3.50 gf*(v) (vgn*), Cornish new potatoes £3.50 gf (v) (vgn*), Dressed leaves £3.50 gf (v) (vgn) , Seasonal vegetables £3.75 gf (v) (vgn*) 

gf = gluten free. gf* = can be gluten free. (v) = Vegetarian. (v*) = can be Vegetarian.

(vgn) = Vegan. (vgn*) = can be made Vegan. We can do vegetarian chips, just ask!

Ask your waiter what can be made dairy free.


Some dishes include GLUTEN, LACTOSE, EGG, SESAME SEEDS, NUTS and other allergens, if you have an allergy please inform us before ordering.